February 27, 2017

This & That

Have you been watching Victoria? So, so good!

I also just started Big Little Lies and I have to laugh with the re-setting they did for TV placing the show in Monterey, CA. Its one of my favorite places and its too funny seeing the locations they used.

Highly recommend both Stolen Beauty and We We're The Lucky Ones. Neither are particularly cheerful books but if you like historical family dramas they're both excellent.

These shoes are just too good (and on sale!). This dress is a new favorite and loving these oxfords for spring.

M and I finally made it over to 11 Howard for a drink this weekend. I'd love to go back and dine at Le Coucou but the upstairs bar, The Blonde has a great vibe as well and great cocktails.

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February 4, 2017

Travel Guide: Fes

Fes el-Bali, or old Fes, is the oldest walled city in Morocco and the largest car-free zone in the world according to UNESCO. With an estimated 9,000+ tiny, maze like streets, getting lost (like really lost) is inevitable. The high ocher colored walls that once protected the city, now serve as a sort of time-warp barrier between daily life in the souks, which continues in its rhythms much as it always has, from the rest of the city and the 21st century.

January 25, 2017

Wardrobe Essentials: Statement Earrings (Under $50!)

Wardrobe Essentials: Statement Earrings (Under $50!)
Its that time of year when wardrobes can start to feel more than a little stale. Lots of black, lots of layers, thermal everything. At the same time, with spring on the (distant) horizon, investing in anything more for cold weather seems like overkill. A new accessory like an affordable pair of statement earrings can help breathe some life into winter wardrobes and transition to warmer outfits as well. Here are some great options under $50! 

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