June 26, 2017

Summer Rompers

Rompers were once exclusively reserved for the ten and under set, but in the past few years these easy pieces have thankfully made a resurgence for the slightly more mature among us. Though they can still skew to the younger end of the spectrum there are plenty that feature a slightly subdued pattern and more conservative cut, like this one which is fairly drapey and has long sleeves. The one I'm wearing here is from last season, but I've linked a couple of other good ones that are still available below. Paired with a sharp pair of summer loafers and a bright lip its an easy and fuss-free ensemble for a warm evening. 

June 1, 2017

Wardrobe Essentials: Blue & White Stripes

Does it get any more classic for summer than a good blue & white stripe? Doubtful in my opinion!

While the classics will certainly never go out of style, the trends this season for different shapes (off the shoulder, one shoulder, cut outs, bows, ruffles, ties, draping and more!) provide a great opportunity to remix an old favorite. A few of my top picks below!  

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May 30, 2017

Travel Guide: Zurich

Zurich isn't one of those places that automatically jumps to the top of most European travel lists, but it makes a great home-base for a host of central European trips, and after spending a few days there earlier this month, I'd argue its worth checking out in its own right as well.

{Get There}
The Zurich Airport is both very easy to navigate and very central to downtown. Car rentals and a train station are both located inside the same airport building which makes it very easy to rent a car for a few days, then return it to the airport and take the train into Zurich itself for the remainder of your trip, or vice versa.