September 23, 2016

This & That

I headed back to B-school this week (part-time/nights, but still, eek!), its been long time coming and I'm currently equal parts excited and daunted about what the next few years will hold. Right now I'm just grateful I've made it through the first week in one piece. One step at a time right? Though stats homework... what does that even mean?!

Other than attempting to adjust to a whole new routine this week (ha!), here are a few favorites from around the web.

Aside from tons of lecture notes, I also finished The Dollhouse, which I would give a good but not great rating.

Two (one, two) really cool things I've been privileged, in just a small way, to be involved in at work this week. Yes, New Yorkers get annoyed when the UN is in town (the security!, the street closures!!) but this is big important stuff that I'm so proud to even be remotely connected with.

As a fellow non-driver and native Californian, I completely related with this hilarious piece.

Blair can do no wrong in my book, by I truly love everything about this look. I have this amazing blouse in my shopping cart but I can't quite decide, would I really wear it in my everyday? Hard to tell but it sure is cute!

Looking for a couple of relatively inexpensive ways to update your fall wardrobe? I love these earrings and this silk scarf to add a fun touch to an outfit. Also, I'm desperately seeking the perfect pair of low, block heel pumps which are emerging as the trendy yet classic shoe of the season. And I think I found them (also in a super red & yellow here and a slightly higher heel/pointy toe version here!

I just picked up some of this Deborah Lippmann cuticle treatment and it really does live up to the rave reviews.

This beautiful post from Ann has me wanting to book a trip to Bali ASAP.


September 15, 2016

Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol

Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
Chances are this isn't the first place that springs to mind when planning a trip to Italy, but it is definitely worth considering if you're looking for something a little different than the usual round-up of cities. For all of us who have long-since forgotten middle school geography, Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol is an autonomous region in north-eastern corner of Italy, and is bordered by Austria and a tiny piece of Switzerland. Trentino-Alto Adagio is the Italian name for the area and Trentino-Südtirol is the German name. The region was a part of Austria-Hungary until annexed by Italy in the early 20th century and culturally has close ties to both Italy and Austria. The population is for the most part entirely bi-lingual (and often tri-lingual or more!) and will greet people in one language (Italian or German) and effortlessly switch to whichever you prefer.
Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/SüdtirolTravel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/SüdtirolTravel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
{Get There}
Driving or taking the train are your best bets. Bolzano, where we stayed, does have an airport, but it doesn't have commercial service. Other nearby airports include: Verona, Innsbruck and Milan.

We stayed in Bolzano, one of the larger towns in the area, at the Hotel Grief, a member of the Design Hotels group. We really enjoyed our stay, though if you are looking for a more traditional room, the nearby Hotel Laurin is managed by the same owners. The two hotels share a private park with beautiful gardens, a pool, and outdoor dining. During the summer they have a special aperitivo night for hotel guests which was a unexpected highlight.
Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/SüdtirolTravel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
{See & Do}
The region is peppered with one town cuter than the next, and if you have a car, you could easily fill your days popping from one to another. As we were car-less we centered our activities in Bolzano. One day we started out early, threw on our workout gear and took the gondola up into the Dolomite mountains for a bit of hiking. We got a trail map from the hotel and found everything to be incredibly well marked.

In Bolzano, the Museion museum as well as the historic town center are well worth exploring.
Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/SüdtirolTravel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
Travel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/SüdtirolTravel Guide: Trentino-Alto Adagio/Südtirol
{Eat & Drink}
Stadt Hotel Citta, on the main square is great for a late lunch, a spritz and some serious people watching.
Fishbänke, don't miss having a spritz or two at this Bolzano institution. A casual, street-side cafe in what was once the town's fish market, this place is a sensory riot and beloved by just about everyone it seems.
Banco 11, is a great little wine bar right in the central market.

September 13, 2016

Late Summer Whites

Summer white dress
A few weeks ago, as a surprise for M's birthday I made plans to head to Rooftop Reds, the first commercial rooftop vineyard in New York. I made the mistake of not checking their website before leaving home and when we got up to the roof we were sad to find it closed due to the hot weather. However, the lack of people made it a great spot for a couple of pictures, before we all but melted and headed back to the safety of our air-conditioned apartment! We're planning to head back and check it out again once the weather has cooled a bit.